Friday, April 2, 2010


I didn't really take too many photos because it requires two hands, both of which were occupied by scratching the 127 bites scattered across my body. Real mature, sand flies.

I lost about two days thanks to Benadryl.

Dad magic.


These are all pretty self explanatory.

He moved from this spot a few times.

I lived off mini bottles of wine for the last two days. This is not a first.

Check out the sign on this bar! Who would pass up playing pool with Bugs? The pool balls are literally exploding into alcohol.

This was the scene that turned out after I was robbed and successfully chased the dude into oncoming traffic on a four-lane road, thanks to the help of some motorcycle dude and eventually, every fucking police officer in the city.

This dude just made a picture of me the background of his phone. Real nice.

Oh yeah, there's a canal there too.

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