Saturday, January 23, 2010

2. Barcelona

We took a short flight from Paris and landed in Barcelona, happy to see our shadows because this means the SUN is out to play.

Barcelona is beautiful.

And guess what followed us.

MACBA and art stuff.

Ray Johnson exhibit:

Walking around, this is what can be seen.

The typical slew of recreational activities.

The train to Figueres to appreciate the mind of Salvador Dali.

The local grocery store.

Appreciating Gaudi and the great weather.

Goodbye 2009! 2010 started out a little sloppy.

Dudes got naked in the fountain at Plaza Real.

Pandemonium and partying in the streets.

This chick was puking wine on her shoes.

And my all time favorite photo of the trip. Stacey never even looked this guy in the face, he just kind of popped right in there and disappeared.

And apparently, we were in these places too.

Park Guell.

Happy Birthday to the lady who worships the number 5. I couldn't find a cake, so this seemed the next best. Walter (baby Borstad) loves pizza.

And the baby likes Bowie too.

On the way to a bar called Betty Ford, there was a massive parade that turned a ten minute walk to a lifetime of circling. They must have known it was her birthday because there was lots of festive floats.

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